Mesoskin is a no-needle virtual mesotherapy, which allows due to double technology: electroporation plus microchips to create temporary, reversable lipid bilateral aqueous channels in the skin allowing much deeper penetration (84% enhancement) of water soluble treatments and serum.

Benefits of Mesotherapy

• No downtime
• No significant contra indications
• Easy procedure to do, max 20-25min on entire face or shorter on smaller areas
• No Needle
• No Pain
• Penetration to 0.8 – 1.1 mm dermis layer.

What can be treated with Mesotherapy

• Acne treatments
• Pigmentation treatments
• Photo damage
• HA Fillers
• PRP – plasma treatments
• Hair growth
• Wrinkle reduction
• Eye bags treatment
• Dark circles under eyes treatment
• Stretchmarks on the body treatment
• Cellulite treatment
• Post recover wounds treatments

MesoSkin Scalp and Skin care Chips

Scalp and Skin Chips for MesoSkin Moisturizing , Hydrating , Improving comple...


Crystal Needle Cartridge For MesoSkin Moisturizing , Hydrating , Improving com...