DermaPlex™ range is based on natural ingredients including Dermoceane™, a powerful anti-oxidant
activated by heat and light, which protects the skin against UV damage and environmental aggression.

With regular use of this range the harmful effects of the environmental aggressors and pollutants will be reduced to
leave your skin looking healthy, youthful and radiant.

DermaPlex™ products are not tested on animals and do not contain chemical bleaches.

Facial Wash - 150ml(5oz)

Soap free gel application.
Beads will help to rem...


Day Cream N/Comb - 50ml(1.7oz)

Protective moisturiser with sunscreen (SPF 20). Conta...


Day Cream for Dry/Sensitive skin - 50ml (1.7oz)

Protective day moisturiser with extra hydrating and so...


Night Restorative Cream - 50ml(1.7oz)

Helps with skin repair during the period of rest.


Anti-Dark Spot Fix’n Fade Serum (Pigmentation) - 30ml(1oz)

Concentrated bio-technological complex which is highly...


Blemish Free and Genti-Calm Gel - 30ml (1oz)

Effective gel complex treats a wide range of blemish p...