Company Information

Innovative Skin Care for a Beautiful Future

ESSEL is an innovative skin care company offering high technological skin care products to its consumers. All our products and brands are the result of extensive research and development and based on the latest innovations in raw materials and cosmeceutical formulations.

Our products have been developed to repair, maintain and restore your skin and can now be enjoyed by every discerning consumer. ESSEL Skin Care treatments are recommended by leading aesthetic practitioners and beauty therapists both locally and internationally.

Our Motto

Have you tried every product on the shelf without results? Are you looking for something that is innovative and different from what you have tried before? Well, ESSEL is here to deliver straight from the breathtaking lands of South Africa, all the way to your doorstep.
We represent all that is wholesome within the wildly growing skin care realm by offering naturally based skin care products for all consumers. Our brand and product line offer a refreshing view on skin care through its meticulous research based on new innovative raw materials and technologies. The expression ‘Natural Beauty’ is derived from the magnificence of mother nature, so why shouldn't the ingredients in your skin care products be as well?

As each consumer is unique, so are the products offered by ESSEL. Our products have been carefully developed to not only repair, but also maintain, restore and rejuvenate your skin to have the same glow as nature itself. Made with many ingredients found in South Africa, these exceptional products are sure to leave you feeling revitalized and fulfilled.

Invest in a stunning future with a groundbreaking skin regimen by choosing ESSEL. The best time to start loving your skin is now!

Now is the time for you to try and enjoy that new skin feeling!

Dr. Ludmilla Grobler